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Saturday hours: 7.30am - 12.00pm

New Opening Hours

Because we like to do things apart from work along with the fact that our customers tend to start earlier during these busy times we are going to adopt new hours. New Hours: 7am - 5pm

Sheetrock B1 Superwide External 90 degree Paper Faced Trims

Sheetrock Brand Paper Faced Metal Outside Corner, Tape On Bead, B1 Super Wide For 90° outside corners. Suitable for use on any thickness of wallboard.  B1 Super Wide—super wide.

Sheetrock Brand Paper Faced Metal Bead and Trim Paper faced metal corner bead ensures durable reinforcement of drywall corner and delivers positive adhesion of the bead face paper to the face of the panel. As a result, edge cracking is virtually eliminated, reducing contractor callbacks. Bead is applied using setting type, taping or all-purpose joint compound instead of nails to bond the bead to gypsum panel surfaces. Then bead edge is finished with typical joint treatment system.

Sheetrock Mud Mixer

The Sheetrock Professional Drywall Mud Mixer is made of heavy gauge durable steel and provides fast, efficient mixing. Because it is balanced and self-centering, this tool is easier to operate and mixes joint compound up to 20% faster than conventional mixers and minimizes bucket gouge. The Tri-Fold Mixing Action folds material from the sides, top and bottom, resulting in less shaking, less splattering and less mess.

  • Durable steel construction
  • Balanced and self-centering to minimize bucket gouge
  • Tri-Fold mixing action folds material from sides, top and bottom

Marshalltown Exact Angle Adjustable Inside Corner Trowel With Durasoft Handle.

Model: EA917. Marshalltown Exact Angle Adjustable Inside Corner Trowel With Durasoft Handle.


  • This is Marshalltowns New inside corner trowel, with full adjustment to get the required angle.
  • The blade is made from easy clean nylon which will not mar walls
  • The blade can be adjusted from 90 degrees up to 154 degrees angle.
  • Simply loosen the wing nut and adjust the trowel blade to the desired angle, then center the handle and retighten the wing nut.
  • Blade size is 4" x 4" (102mm x 102mm).
  • DuraSoft® handle for soft feel, increased comfort, reduced fatigue and excellent durability.
  • Top Tip: Set the angle slightly larger than actual corner. This allows the blade to flex into the corner, leaving proper mud build-up for a smooth finish.
  • Made by Marshalltown USA, so quality is fully assured 

Hire Tools now available for rental at Drywall Direct.

Vac Sanders are now all for hire on a daily basis from our Christchurch store.

Please call Ben or Cameron on (03) 341-7955 to book your future requirements as these have been in hot demand.

Giraffe Drywall Sander


TapeTech Mudrunner

(State of the art applicator)

Delivers joint compound to corner tools with precision control and low effort — an easier and faster way to finish high-quality corners.

  • Only the leader, TapeTech™, has this innovative design.
  • Twist-grip flow control works equally well for right-handers or left-handers.
  • Reaches high angles from the floor.